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Marco Poco Loco

Song writer - Animator - Vocalist

In search for musicians - composers - vocalists - dancers - choreographers


overzicht:  volledig / samenvatting

24th May - Party at Trattoria De Kaai

Geplaatst op 27 mei, 2017 om 0:40 Comments reacties ()

Hi Friends,

Party time again.  A bar, a disk jockey, good music, lots of people and sunshine.  Do these ingredients sound well to you ?  Well, to me it seems a good mix to celebrate on a free evening.  I met some friends, had a couple of drinks, I could shake my body on the 'Ritmo de la Noche' (The Rhythm of The Night).  The words sound familiar...  Celebrate good times, come on....

21st of May - Chilling on a sunday

Geplaatst op 27 mei, 2017 om 0:25 Comments reacties ()

Hello my dear friends,

On sunday I first went to see my Spanish speaking friends at the Evangelic Church.  We were singing and dancing celebrating our free day with the Holy Father.

Than, I had an appointment with my friend Nancy.  I met her, together with her lovely dog Shyra, at the Salpicon restaurant in Boom.  After having a nice dinner thanks to the great services of the guys and the cook of Salpicon, we went for a 'Walk in the Park'.  Nancy, Shyra and I enjoyed the sunny Sunday.  Half way we stopped to have a drink at 'Het Melkhuisje' (The Milk House) and than we continued our trip (the red track).

Oh, what a lovely day again (look at the beautiful pictures)

20th May - Party Time at The Villa in Antwerp

Geplaatst op 27 mei, 2017 om 0:15 Comments reacties ()

Hi guys,

Are you ready to party too ?  This saterday I went to the famous club in Antwerp again.  I joined the party with a bunch of guys having fun untill we could not stand on our feet any more.  Not because we were drunk but just because we've put all our energy in dancing.  So, time to drive back home and recover.  It was a happy celebration of the weekend anyway.

Will you join our party next time ?  Don't hesitate to contact me !!

Marco Poco Loco

19th May 2017 - Another Milestone

Geplaatst op 26 mei, 2017 om 23:55 Comments reacties ()

Hello my dear friends,

This day I could pick up my shirts at PASprint.   Thanks to the good services of this company, I now have the possibilty to make publicity wherever I go.  

After having picked up my shirts, I went to my family members living in that neighbourhood.  I had not seen them for more than a year.  Shame on me !!  But yes, I have a big family so many people to be visited.  We've been chatting for a while and we went to a local restaurant.

Than, I drove back home and went to the battle of the DJ's in the youth club in Boom.  It was very crowdy and the atmosphere was excellent.  I was surprised about the nice environment. Very good job from the guys that made such a beautiful place out of this cellar.  The battlers (DJ's) did there utmost best to give a great performance.  Nice prices could be picked up by those that were selected. (watch the pictures below)

15th May - My first day at the Antwerp Airport

Geplaatst op 21 mei, 2017 om 0:25 Comments reacties ()

Hi my dear and beloved friends,

Another milestone in my career.  On this very day I started at the Antwerp Airport.  I am so proud to be part of this new story.  Colleagues are very open and sweet.  Just the way I want things to be.  Also, I will not starve being hungry as the ALDI is just around the corner.  I'm sitting with Hans (Finance-IT) in one bureau being the Finance Department.  It seems people here like all kinds of flying objects (have a look at the balloons on the pictures below)

In the evering I went to the social restaurant 'De Tuin van de Kleine Chef' to have a meal with my friends.  What a day again ! Look at the nice picture below (the whole bunch in one shot)

14th May Bosstraat (Fancy Fair) - Open Door at Academy of Music, Word and Dance - Lier

Geplaatst op 20 mei, 2017 om 16:20 Comments reacties ()

hello my dear Blogreaders

Sunday 14th May 2 important activities were planned.  First I went to the Bosstraatkermis in Boom.  The Fancy Fair and 2nd hand market was a huge success.  Especially because of the sunny weather.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Question : how much is the fish ?? 

In the afternoon I went to the music Academy in Lier.  This sunday was open door day so everybody interested could take a look at what this huge academy has to offer.  There were more than 100 events and bigger or smaller concerts.  At the end of the day an enourmous spectacular was shown in the same style as the Night of The Proms.  The Choir sung 3 popular songs : 'Iedereen is van de wereld' of the Scene, 'ik wil je' of the Kreuners and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' of Queen.  The quality of the concert was outstanding.  Amazing and Funtastic !!



Marco Poco Loco

Emoji Party at Copa Cabana - 6th May 2017

Geplaatst op 7 mei, 2017 om 1:25 Comments reacties ()

Hello my dear friends,

Yesterday we've had a wonderful night at the Emoji Party of Copa Cabana.  I picked up my friend DJ Ollie at his place at about 10,45 PM so that we could drive to the party.  Just a couple of minutes later we arrived at the Copa.  Some more party animals came to join us so that the atmosphere was right.  It was a night of fun and pleasure at this beautiful environment.  Do you come to join us during the next party ?  have a look at the pictures below to have an impression !

Spartacus Run

Geplaatst op 3 mei, 2017 om 0:40 Comments reacties ()

Hello my dear friends,

Last weekend the popular event 'Spartacus Run' took place in De Schorre in Boom.  Lots of participants (11,000) had subscribed and they all had to cover a distance of 10 kms with lots of obsticales.  A beautiful environment was set up for this event.  I was told that some popular faces have been spotted too (people known from sports, politics, media etc...).  Participants had to jump, lift up weight, swim, dive etc... and of course the indicated distance had to be covered by running or swimming.

SOEP - Animation for children

Geplaatst op 1 mei, 2017 om 19:20 Comments reacties ()

Hello all,

This sunday was a special day for the kids in Boom.  There was children's animation in different places all around within the community

Children could make pizza's in the social restaurant, there was lots of animation everywhere.  There were hairdressers, storytellers, tattoomakers etc...  Also special drinks and food were served.  Oh what a lovely day again for those kids....  Take a look at some shots below...

Our social restaurant in Boom

Geplaatst op 28 april, 2017 om 1:05 Comments reacties ()

Hello my friends,

Yesterday (27th April) I went to our social restaurant 'De Tuin van de Kleine Chef'.  The place looked very nice and clean.  People in the restaurant were very helpful, social and kind.  The ideal environment also for children as there is a special corner for them to play with toys and enjoy themselves !  Have a look at the pictures to get an impression !

Proud to live in Boom !

Cheers !

Marco Poco Loco